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Bieganek Insurance, Randall State Insurance and Swanville Insurance are independent insurance agencies under the umbrella of Central Minnesota Insurance Services owned by Julie Zupko.

Your local, independent agent offering personalized service in Little Falls, Randall and Swanville for over 50 years.


The History of Bieganek Insurance

The Bieganek Insurance agency was started in 1956 by Anthony Bieganek.  Roger Thielen joined the agency in 1969 and worked with Tony through many milestones of the business. In 1973, Tony’s only son, Ron Bieganek, joined the agency as an agent. Ron and Roger quickly proved to be a wonderful team and upon Tony’s retirement in 1978 they purchased the agency.

As an Independent agent we are able to be personal shoppers for all of your insurance needs. You are our number one concern — we look for the best affordable coverage for your needs. It is dedication and commitment by both the agents and the companies we represent that makes our agency such an asset to the consumers.

In 1989, Ron and Roger purchased Randall State Insurance in Randall Minnesota. Roger relocated to the Randall office full time until his retirement in 1999. Ron Bieganek continued with the success and dedication laid out by former owners Anthony Bieganek and Roger Thielen.

In 2007, Ron Bieganek sold the Property Casualty portion of both the Bieganek Agency and Randall State Insurance to longtime employee Julie Zupko. Julie purchased the Kuehne agency in Swanville Minnesota in 2011. The agency was renamed Swanville Insurance. Julie now owns all three agencies under the umbrella of Central MN Insurance Service. The agents staffed at all of our locations still use the dedication and service provided by the previous owners as their role models to success. We strive to provide the best customer service possible.

We are proud members of The Little Falls Area Chamber of Commerce.

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